FAQs - General

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

How are you able to offer fast delivery and maintain a high level of quality?

We custom-build your furniture in four weeks or less—without cutting corners. We’ve earned a reputation for quality and would never jeopardize that. After more than 50 years, we’ve learned how to meet this strict deadline thanks to skillful planning, extensive inventory of both leather and fabric, and the talents of our skilled craftspeople.

Can you send me some leather swatches?

Our dealers are more than happy to show you our leather swatches and request feeler samples for you. Leather colors can also be viewed in the Our Coverings section of this website.

How old is the company?

Elite Leather Company was founded more than 50 years ago. This privately owned company is in it’s third generation and is still run by the same family that started the business. With our long track record and commitment to quality, Elite Leather Company will be here to honor our warranty promises long into the future.

Where is the furniture manufactured?

At the Elite Leather Company manufacturing headquarters in Southern California, we build our furniture using skilled American craftspeople.

Where can I buy Elite Leather furniture?

Simply visit an Elite Leather Company Dealer to see our furniture and get information. Our dealers are leather specialists, and can help you make the smartest choices for your home. To find the nearest Elite Leather Company Dealer near you, go to the Our Dealers section of this web site.

Are your products available for purchase online?

No. Because we feel that service is of the utmost importance before and after you purchase you’re furniture, we do not authorize our products to be sold through any online retailers.

Do you sell your furniture direct?

No. We believe you need to see, feel and sit in Elite Leather furniture to understand our quality, comfort and styling. Visit an Elite Leather Company Dealer to experience our furniture in person.

For infrequently asked questions you may also contact us by e-mail at info@eliteleather.com