Beauty is important, but comfort is essential.

“Beauty is only skin deep.” The well-known adage applies to furniture, too. So we work hard to make sure you’re attracted to the cozy comfort of our furniture as well as the outside.

All Elite Leather furniture comes standard with cushions that “remember” their shape, thanks to a springy polyurethane foam core that won’t slump and sag after years of wear. We cover the foam core with a foam wrap that “gives” when you sit to provide unmatched comfort.

Yet comfort is an individual preference. And while our standard cushions are resilient, soft and comfortable, we also offer other seating options such as down and feathers. You may choose from these seating options:


Elite Standard Seating

All Elite Leather furniture come standard with supportive cushions made of high-performance polyurethane foam. They’re as resilient as they are soft and comfortable.


ComfortCloud down and feather seating

Sink into the luxurious comfort of down and feather – knowing that when you stand, the cushion will “remember” its shape for years to come. We do it by filling our Elite ComfortCloud cushions with a special mixture of feather and down. Inside is a core made of high resiliency foam to spring into shape. To ensure that no feathers or down escape, they’re wrapped in a leakproof fabric envelope made with 200 threads per square inch.


Elite LT Premium foam seating

Offering a very firm seating option, the Elite LT features a cushion core that’s made of a high-resiliency foam so it doesn’t sag and shrink after years of wear. In flex fatigue tests, the Elite LT Premium cushions show considerable improvement over others, which allow them to maintain a greater height than standard foam cushions.